Online Learning

Online learning

Monitor learner engagement for live or async platforms

Solutions for live & asynchronous learning platforms

Video-conference tool agnostic & browser-based solution to monitor learner engagement in real-time for live & async scenarios.

Understand prospective user sentiment in live demo classes or understand intent to buy on a sales call with Lightbulb’s acquisition insights. Monitor learner engagement in real-time during live classes or help users self-learn better as they browse through your async content platform with Lightbulb’s retention insights.

Spike acquisition, improve discovery, increase retention…it’s all possible with Lightbulb.

Features & Functionalities


Live class monitoring

With opt-ins, monitor live online classes to understand user engagement & distraction. Available across video-conference tools & browsers.

Real-time trainer alerts

With real-time alerts, respond to the engagement & emotion levels of learners in your live classes & improve in-class learning

Post-session emotion insights

With emotion & engagement maps & transcripts, pinpoint trouble areas and identify areas of improvement / training for your trainers

Asynchronous session monitoring

With opt-ins, monitor users as they browse & consume async content on your platform to get feedback on UX & content quality

Real-time user alerts

For async platforms, provide real-time alerts for users to understand when they are getting fatigued or distracted to self-learn better

Personalized content discovery

Understand what content engages which user persona & present top-engaging content to users via personalized recommendations

Benefits of using Lightbulb

Lower cost of acquisition
Identify & focus only on high potential leads from high engagement shown in demo classes or tele-sales calls
Enable personalized discovery
Find & present top engaging content to users basis their persona to drive up higher consumption
Spot ux & content issues
Monitor user experience comprehensively to identify drop-off areas that need to be addressed
Provide feedback to trainers
Help trainers understand what appeals to learners in live classes & share best practices internally
Maintain digital records
Record, transcribe and maintain comprehensive session libraries automatically
Improve content quality
Get on-going feedback on duration, type and content to improve the content created

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