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    Leverage emotion ai to get unbiased insights

    Facial coding
    Measure Attention
    Head position, body angles, eye-positions and emotions combine to measure attention and engagement of your respondents
    Recognise Emotion
    Joy, surprise, anger, disgust and more…Monitor and recognise flashes of emotion as respondents respond to stimuli
    Identify Distraction
    Looking away or at your mobile or talking to someone outside the screen, we measure distraction in all it’s forms
    Eye tracking
    View Heatmaps
    Understand exactly what your respondents are looking at and paying attention to, as they view your stimuli in real-time
    Identify Areas of Interest
    Measure eye-movement to understand what sections seem to attracting the most interest in your viewers
    Understand Time Spent
    Assess if your respondents are spending adequate time in relevant areas of your stimuli or user experience
    Speech transcription
    Get Transcripts
    No more note-taking during conversations. Let our speech transcription do all the heavy lifting on your interviews or focus
    Identify Coherence
    Measure the number of filler words that your researchers and respondents are using to measure coherence and flow
    Understand Speed
    The rate of speech has a direct link to emotion and understanding so measure rates of speech and speed in conversations
    Text sentiment
    Understand Sentiment
    Identify positive, negative or neutral statements to understand the sentiment as your respondents engage around your brand / stimuli
    Measure Keywords
    Identify trends by monitoring frequency and type of keywords during interviews to scan for associations, competition and more
    Audio tonality
    Identify Sentiment
    Pace, pitch, intonation and speed are all indicators of emotion and engagement in conversation, so hear what your respondents are not explicitly saying.
    Survey Research
    Identify Accurately
    Efficient way to plan and build surveys that help you understand the consumer better and empower your research projects.

    Consumer research: The way you want



    Ask specific questions to qualify the respondents based on your requirements


    Use a common link for the stimuli (webpages, videos, pictures, etc) to record responses

    Response Recording

    Capture facial expressions, eye gaze movements, audio of record complete sessions


    Ask explicit questions related to sample’s experience using rating scales, multiple choice questions and open-ended questions

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