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For Sales Reps
For Sales Leadership

The technologies that power VM Pro

Facial coding
Speech transcription
Text sentiment
Audio tonality*
* Coming Soon

Empower your Sales Reps with Emotion Ai


Assign Virtual Assistants

Free up your sales reps from note-taking, minutes preparation & routine admin tasks. Every sales rep now gets his own Virtual Meeting assistant that auto-joins meetings, transcribes and records calls and provides detailed meeting insights.

Get Recorded Meeting Insights

Now apply the power of emotion ai to past meetings as well. Simply upload meeting recordings (ideally in gallery view) to get detailed conversational & visual insights into the emotion & engagement levels of potential customers.

Get Live Engagement Insights

Understand the emotion behind the words with real-time alerts based on facial emotion coding. Post meeting, track questions asked & capture sound bites to share internally for product feedback or to escalate concern areas with team leads.

Get Conversational Insights

Add specific topics & keywords for your sales reps & sales teams to track wrt product, competition, market, etc and track across sales reps. Get spoken word analytics, talk-listen-silence analytics and much more for every online sales conversation.

Simplify your Sales Operations with Emotion Ai

Sales Coaching

Simplify Sales Coaching

Now monitor every sales conversation without being there. Assess individuals & team with data-driven metrics to identify top performers and those that need help. Create an environment of self-learning with automated meeting insights.
Deal progress tracker

Track Deal Progress Automatically

Get meetings insights for every meeting on each account. Assess deal progress basis customer engagement and happiness. Check if product proposition, pricing, features or competitors are a concern via customer sentiment during discussions.
Knowledge transfer

Manage Knowledge Transfer Seamlessly

Now don’t lose accounts along with your sales reps. Retain the knowledge and history of each account to be handed over to new team members with digital call libraries, transcripts and insights to manage customer knowledge on an ongoing basis.

What makes VM Pro your must-have
sales enablement tool

Video-First Emotion Ai Technology

VM Pro is the only sales enablement tool in the market to offer cutting-edge visual emotion ai technology - emotion recognition & engagement mapping during live video conference meetings - across VC platforms. Combined with state-of-the-art conversational ai, this is the most comprehensive tool for a video-first B2B sales environment.

Empowers Reps, Ops & Leadership

Rarely are products made to assist not just sales reps, but also sales operations teams as well as sales leadership teams. From sales coaching, to deal-tracking and forecasting to knowledge transfer, VM Pro is a simple-to-use yet comprehensive sales enablement tool with multiple applications and use-cases.

Affordable for Large, Dispersed Teams

With affordable packages, admin-team structures and a simple licensing model, VM Pro is affordable for large, geographically-dispersed sales and customer success teams that are run in a digital-first manner & is available across video-conferencing platforms like Gmeet, Zoom or MS Teams as per organizational preference.

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