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    Deepen profitable relationships with
    Emotion Ai!

    Video Analytics
    Integrate Seamlessly
    VM Pro operates across multiple video-conference tools - Zoom, Gmeet, MS Teams - and provides insights with zero manual intervention after a single-click integration process. With views for customer success team members & leadership across deals & accounts, this is a must-have tool to measure the success of your customer success initiative
    Measure Emotions
    Your customers are telling you every second if they are finding your product useful and relevant to their business. Get implicit feedback on true customer & stakeholder emotions via engagement and emotion cues during your regular interactions, issue-resolution calls or renewal discussions
    Recognise Potential Issues
    The true value of a Customer Success team comes from its ability to read the pulse of the customer. Now empower your CS teams to understand which feature or benefit is adding value and which bug/issue/item is causing heartburn and will eventually impact the account adversely. Monitor continuously to recognise stray flashes of emotion that reveal your customer’s unstated responses
    Conversation Analytics
    Meeting Transcripts & Sound-bites
    No more note-taking during intense issue-resolution meetings or renewal discussions. Pay attention while never missing a nuance by letting VM Pro do all the heavy lifting. Bring your leadership, product and tech teams upto speed quickly and easily by allowing them to skim through meeting transcripts (by speaker) or sharing relevant sound-bites to better articulate customer-speak.
    Detailed Meeting Metrics
    Now take a bird’s eye view of your Cs team’s performance with insightful metrics like talk-to-listen ratios, number of questions asked and other conversation analytics. Customer Success leadership too can review meeting analytics across team members to understand areas of improvement for coaching & feedback
    Understand Deal Progress
    Identify engagement & emotion levels - positive or negative - meeting by meeting for each deal/account to track deal progress and possible closures. An invaluable tool for CS Leadership to monitor account health and progress across large, geographically dispersed teams handling a large number of accounts autonomously

    Empower your sales teams with Emotion Ai


    Assign Virtual Assistants

    Free up your sales reps from note-taking, minutes preparation & routine admin tasks. Every sales rep now gets his own Virtual Meeting assistant that auto-joins meetings, transcribes and records calls and provides detailed meeting insights.

    Get Recorded Meeting Insights

    Now apply the power of emotion ai to past meetings as well. Simply upload meeting recordings (ideally in gallery view) to get detailed conversational & visual insights into the emotion & engagement levels of existing customers to understand pain points and monitor account health.

    Get Live Engagement Insights

    Understand the meaning and emotion behind the words of customers & stakeholders, with real-time alerts based on facial emotion coding. Post each meeting, track questions asked & capture sound bites to share internally for product feedback or to escalate concern areas with team leads

    Get Conversational Insights

    Add specific topics & keywords for your customer success reps & teams to track wrt product, competition, market, etc and track across reps and teams to identify trends and patterns. Get spoken word analytics, talk-listen-silence analytics and much more for every online customer success conversation to ensure you're on top of the account & that there are no surprises

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