Why LightBulb AI

About Lightbulb

Lightbulb is an emotion ai platform. We help remote teams understand what users are feeling & whether they are engaged in real-time, to make remote interactions effective & productive.

Our technology

Computer vision, speech transcription & audio-data mining using proprietary ML models


Learn More About Our Team

With 4 patents already in the pipeline, our proprietary technology extracts emotion data from video, audio and speech inputs & provides contextual user insights for remote businesses to improve key business metrics. We work across geographies & ethnicities to provide truly global solutions.

Case Studies

Download our case studies brochure to know how emotion ai can be applied across business areas.

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Why should you partner with us?

Flexible architecture
From integration-ready SDKs & APIs for enterprise-level platforms to stand-alone apps for small businesses, we support it all
Cutting-edge technology
With 4 patents in the pipeline, our multi-modal platform incorporates video, audio & speech inputs for state-of-the-art emotion ai insights
Secure environment
From cloud-based models to on-premise deployment, Lightbulb deploys the best-in-class security practices & protocols
Best-in-class accuracy
With 2 mn+ faces scanned, we offer high accuracy across geographies, ethnicities and age-groups, in line with industry giants at a fraction of the cost
Comprehensive solution
From monitoring live interactions to analyzing pre-recorded conversations, we operate across a wide spectrum of use-cases with a single platform
World-class support
From extensive documentation to implementation support and advisory services, we support our customers at all stages of their business.

How are we helping businesses succeed?