[Case Study] Warner Bros Trailer Testing Case Study

[Case Study] Warner Bros Trailer Testing Case Study

Warner Bros:

Warner Bros has operating offices in more than 30 countries and releases films in more than 120 countries directly or in partnership with companies. Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group produces and distributes a diverse range of films every year. The company has a film studio division—Warner Bros Motion Picture Group—which has New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros, Castle Rock, Pictures Animation, and DC studios. Also, it has a television production company, Warner Bros. Television Studios.


  1.  Assess the emotional response to all the advertisements and recognize the possible insights for the creative team.
  2. Recognize how every character influences the emotional journey of the study participants.
  3. Offer insightful metrics to compare the two trailers such as engagement, joy, and sadness scores.

Engagement score analysis: Official Trailer and Trailer 2

A second-by-second engagement score analysis was done for both trailers. It was found that both the creatives had a lot of common elements including characters and entire snippets. In total, the average engagement score for the official trailer and trailer 2 was 91.46 and 92.77 respectively.

Joy Score:

This is a creative that measures “how much the trailer makes the viewers smile”. Our study participants connected the most with Official Trailer Joy.

Sadness score:

The sadness score gives a picture of “how sad the viewers look” on a scale of 0 to 100. Our respondents concluded that the sadness score was low for both commercials. Nevertheless, trailer 2 recorded the highest sadness score by a small margin.

Character-wise analysis:

Official Trailer Joy Score:

The expected joy score is the highest at 29 because both Kevin Hart and Squirrel are present. Both these characters had the strongest influence and created an indelible impression.

Trailer 2 Joy Score:

In the frame, whenever ‘Super Dog’ and ‘Kevin Hart’ are absent, the average score is only 14.

Joy Score Analysis – Official Trailer

Several funny moments were observed in the video. One, Superman’s dog jumps on top of him to wake him up. Two, Kevin Hart’s character was urinating during the middle of the speech. Three, Kevin Hart’s character was employed as a meat shield for protection.

Joy score Analysis: Trailer 2

Our study participants witnessed joyful moments in this trailer. One notable moment was observed, when Dog plays catch with the Batman toy, and Batman in a firm voice says, “That better be licensed” with a touch of humor.

Joy Scores by Character Pairings:

The graphic depicts the average ‘joy scores’ for all seven characters in both trailers: Superman’s Dog, Superman, Kevin Hart, Pig, Turtle, Squirrel, and Friendly Dog. Kevin Hart’s solo performances clocked the highest average joy score rating by a large margin at ~26%. At the
same time, pairing Superman’s dog and his dog friend fetched a good score.

Intervention Question Results:

After all possible analysis and measuring the emotional journey of the study participants, a million-dollar question remained: Which trailer connected the most with the respondents? Interestingly, all of them enjoyed watching both trailers, however, the ‘Official trailer’ in comparison to the ‘Trailer 2’ generated more happy responses.

Kevin Hart’s comedic talent and the presence of Squirrel may have caused a spike in happiness quotient. For instance, the projected joy score of 29 was the highest when both Squirrel and Kevin Hart were present, highlighting the importance of character representation in trailer effectiveness.


All said and done, by measuring the emotional response to trailers, Warner Bros can create creative trailers that deeply connect with the viewers, cementing their position as a leading film studio.

Now take your trailers from good to unforgettable to watch. You can create trailers that spark excitement, and ignite laughter, leading to high ticket sales. Would you like a detailed report (PPT) that offers data, insights, and results that can help film and entertainment studios like Warner Bros to create effective trailers?

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