[Case Study] Hindustan Unilever – Emotion AI Analysis for Advertisements​

[Case Study] Hindustan Unilever – Emotion AI Analysis for Advertisements​

Hindustan Unilever:

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India’s largest Fast-moving consumer goods company (FMCG). Approximately, nine of ten Indian households purchase their brands, providing them an opportunity to build a sustainable and upbeat future. They have a portfolio of 50 + brands across 16 FMCG categories, which are enjoyed by millions of Indian consumers. The company has a turnover of around INR 58,154 crores (2022-23) and encompasses a variety of products in home care, food, and personal care, with sales in more than 190 countries.


  • Measure the emotional response to all the advertisements and recognize the insights for the creative team.
  • Recognize how every character influences the emotional journey of the study participants.
  • Offer insightful metrics to compare the two trailers such as engagement, joy, and sadness scores.
  • Conduct a scene-based analysis to assist the creators in finding out which elements work and why.

Process of case study:

A comprehensive comparison across the four advertisements was made on factors, such as engagement, joy, and sadness scores. Additionally, a detailed analysis of the factors for a peak and dip in joy score was carried out, coupled with a character-wise analysis on which characters participants resonated the most.


Engagement scores:

A second-by-second engagement score was tested across all four detergent products of Hindustan Unilever to check the interest levels of viewers. For example, in the Surf Excel ‘Bachpan’ commercial, a surge in engagement scores (91.24/100) is observed, when the father shares his childhood experiences with his son.

Joy Score:

This is a creative that shows “how much the advertisement made the viewers smile”. Our study participants were able to establish a deeper connection with the Tide ad.

Joy score analysis:

1. Surf Excel Bachpan: The joy score plummets to zero, especially when the child tells his father about having fewer friends to play with.

2. Surf Excel Active Hygiene: A high joy score of 25 was recorded when the girl started helping the old woman by pushing her bag.

Sadness Score:

Sadness score gives a picture of “how sad the viewers look” on a scale of 0 -100. “Tide Angels in White” recorded the highest sadness score because of its sad theme.

Character -Wise analysis:

We conducted a character-wise analysis of joy and sadness for all the characters in the detergent brands of Hindustan Unilever.

1. Surf Excel Bachpan Advertisement: Among all the characters in the advertisement, the mother shows the highest joy score and lowest sadness score.

2. Surf Excel Active Hygiene: The little girl has shown the highest joy score and lowest sadness score.

3. Tide: All new Tide Ultra: The role played by the mother exhibits the highest joy score.

Measuring Retain and Call:

After all the possible analysis, the burning question is: Which commercial created excitement to purchase the product among the viewers? All the participants were asked questions 72 hours after watching the advertisements. A higher number of study participants expressed positive
responses to the Surf Excel ad-watching experience compared to its competitor, tide. Even though the most enjoyable moment across all four commercials was ‘The Child Singing in the Tide ad’, Surf Excel received the majority of mentions, accounting for 55% overall. Moreover, there are a few more key takeaways after analyzing the effectiveness of 4 commercials. One, in the case of the Surf Excel Bachpan commercial, the majority of the participants found it exciting but were not sure of the product value proposition. Two, the Surf Excel Active Hygiene commercial didn’t connect with the viewers. Three, the Tide: All new Tide Ultra was the most sought-after commercial. Four, Tide: Angels in White got a negative response from the crowd.


All said and done, this study deep dives into the emotional journey of the study participants on several parameters, such as, joy, sadness and engagement scores, giving Hindustan Unilever an idea on how to create strategies for making creative commercials that resonate with the viewers. This will help to develop strong bonds with the audience and augment their brand loyalty, leading to an increase in profits. Fill up the form to download a PPT to deep dive into all kinds of data and insights on how the commercials of Hindustan Unilever performed on emotion engagement analysis:

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