Ep #6 – Vladimer Botsvadze on customer centricity on social media

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Ep #6 – Vladimer Botsvadze on customer centricity on social media

Welcome to the sixth episode of ‘Heureka – The Insights podcast’ by thelightbulb.ai.

In this episode, we are hosting Vladimer Botsvadze, who is renowned influencer in business and tech domain. He explains the importance of customer centricity and how brands can work on it. Listen to the complete podcast now.

Guest: Vladimer Botsvadze

Vladimer Botsvadze is out guest on this episode. With over 15 years of international experience and a proven track record, Vladimer is widely acknowledged as one of the leading influencers in digital transformation, technology, and marketing. He holds roles as a keynote speaker, professor, futurist, thought leader, Fortune 500 consultant, startup advisor, and C-suite mentor. Recognized as one of the brightest minds in digital transformation, he continues to play a crucial role in maximizing the success of top brands. His illustrious career at the pinnacle of the technology industry is marked by a dedication to helping both established brands and startups navigate the evolving digital landscape.

Host: Nishant Kadian

Heureka – The Insights Podcast is a series of podcast episodes hosted by thelightbulb.ai team. The host of this podcast is Nishant Kadian, Senior Marketing Manager (thelightbulb.ai). He has a decade of experience in inbound and content marketing for leading SaaS platforms. He enjoying discussing ai and other technologies that are transforming B2B marketing.

In the podcast, Vladimer shares some interesting tips on customer centricity across social media.

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Heureka by The LightBulb, The Insights podcast.

Nishant Kadian – Welcome to Heureka, The Insights podcast by thelightbulb.ai. I’m Nishant Kadian, senior marketing manager at thelightbulb.ai and I’ll be your host for today’s session. Ritu, the regular host of the podcast is not available today, but don’t worry, she’ll be back soon. And most likely, it’s interesting updates on what’s keeping her. Meanwhile, the host might be new today, but the guest is season one. We have MR. Vladimer Botsvadze. If you’re a regular listener to podcasts on tech, businesses and digital transformation , there’s a ;chance that you have already listened to him.

He is one of the world’s top digital transformation, tech and marketing influencers and has helped several top brands and startups navigate through the digital challenges. And you know that I can totally do a podcast dedicated only to his achievements, but today’s not that day. Today we are discussing customer centricity across social media, getting attention through emotional, contextual contact, driving granularity with emotions, and the role of AI through all these things. So, welcome Vladimer Botsvadze, and thank you for being with us. Would you like to introduce yourself before we begin?

Vladimer Botsvadze– Yeah, Nishant, thank you. Hi, Nishant I’m, uh, many thanks for inviting me to your podcast. You know, when I received, uh, your reply, you know, I was very happy and, uh, uh, I knew that, uh, we were going to be on the same page to discuss, uh, customer centricity because we both, we both believe that customer, uh, customer centricity is a be all and end all nowadays, you know? Totally. And, uh, without customer experience, nothing. Hey, great happens without emotion, emotions, nothing great happens without, uh, creating content. Nothing great happens without storytelling. Nothing great happens, you know, so I’m very great that, uh, we, we speak the same language in terms of customer centricity and, and what, what can I say about me? You know, uh, I mean, uh, I’m a storyteller to the core. You know, I’m a storyteller to the core. That’s why, uh, I have told my stories across, uh, social media channels.

Vladimer Botsvadze – Uh, I connected with the world. Uh, I created, uh, um, emotional connections with my followers, you know, emotional connections, you know. Sowithout spending any dollars or on, uh, pro from promoting my social media channels or, uh, I mean, uh, advertising my profiles, I hope spearheaded one of the fastest growing personal brands in the world on a shorting budget. You know, even if I had had more money, I, I would not have invested, uh, uh,into this, uh, promotions, you know? Sowhat, what has driven my success is that content creation, customer centricity, storytelling, uh, sharing, uh, uh, creating content set forth in my followers best interest mission. You know, putting my audience first, putting my audience first.

Nishant Kadian – Inspiring. Yeah.

Vladimer Botsvadze – Yeah, 

Nishant Kadian – Totally. Sounds something inspiring. And, uh, we look forward to, you know, uh, getting more outta you from this podcast. Yeah. Yes. Alright, then. So my first question will be very, uh, easy for you. Like, uh, how does it feel to be a top digital transformation and tech and marketing influencer? Did you like plan this? Yeah, it’s, 

Vladimer Botsvadze – Uh, uh, Nisha, it is a great question. Thank you. You know, I believe that I’m a long-term thinker. You know, if you see, if you see me alongside luminaries, uh, on the top digital transformation list, it means because I have put in the work, because I have cared about my audience, because I have given away my best advice for free. You know, there are so many experts, thought leaders who they charge their followers for picking their brain, but I never charge my followers. You know, I helped, I give, I have given away all best advice for free, whether it was YouTube video, a tweet, or even, uh, to, or a, uh, podcast appearance or whatever I have been involved in, right? Because I care, you know, I want to see successful people. I want to, yea, it is a, a TheLightBulb when I receive emails from my listeners and they, uh, show gratitude, you know, that they started, uh, listening, uh, listening me and great, great, uh, great things were happening because of my actionable insights.

Vladimer Botsvadze – You know , this is my , I think it is my best achievement that of course , I have been ranked number one in the world because I have been very consistent because I have sent a hundred thousand tweet , because I have posted more than 60,000 times on Instagram , because I have capitalized every social media channel , blogging platforms , uh , like medium , WordPress , blogger , Tumblr , to tell my story Han , you know , to tell my story , you know ? So now nowadays results speak for themselves, because I have put in the word because I was curious, because I was tracking my progress from master to month. Uh, do you remember Klout?

Nishant Kadian – Yes, I do.

Vladimer Botsvadze – Yes. So, cloud score in 2014 mm-Hmm, <affirmative>, when I embarked on my Twitter journey, my cloud score was 58, you know, so in 2018, my cloud score reached 80 because every single day in, every single day I was tweeting, I was showing gratitude. I was building meaningful relationships with my consumers. You know, as, for example, Elon Musk communicates directly with every consumer of Tesla on Twitter, directly communicating with followers, directly communicating. Do you remember any executive from auto automakers, traditional automakers who directly communicate with millions of followers on Twitter? Do you remember anybody?

Nishant Kadian – No. I can’t think of any example.

Vladimer Botsvadze – Yeah. So that’s why, that’s why Elon Musk is a disruptor. Disruptor. No communication, communication dictates everything that is going on in this business world, communication, you know?

Nishant Kadian – Got it. So, well, you know, as an influencer, you could have chosen any field, but what inspired you to specialize in this, uh, you know, interaction of marketing emotions and, you know, text like ai?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Well, uh, it is a great question. You know, I was just tweeting, you know, I was just curious. I was just pushing forward, you know, so when you fire on, on cylinders, when you are very open-minded, I believe that open-mindedness is one of the, my biggest strengths, open-mindedness, you know? Got it. Because I don’t, I don’t really live in my ivory towers. Whereas those executives who studied at top, uh, top business schools and who put their MBA degrees on a pedestal, they never thought that how important and monumental personal branding is in the digital age, you know?

Nishant Kadian – Yeah.

Vladimer Botsvadze – They, they started strategies that worked 20 into 1995, 2000, 2005, you know? Got it. That’s why they disregard, that’s why they disregard consumers. That’s why they don’t care about personal branding. That’s why they don’t care about connecting with, uh, directly with consumers on Twitter, across social media channels directly like Elon Musk, you know, because Elon is open-minded, you know? Right. We arrest those people. Those people are opposite, you know? Right. Uh, like, like blockbuster. Like blockbuster, because in 2007 mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, the board members of the board, members of Blockbuster, they set in the board, they thought that internet was not going to affect their business. They saw that their, their consumers were not going to be the digital age. They disregard, say, neglected to buy Netflix for $50 million. They went outta business, 

Vladimer Botsvadze – Hospitality, hospitality brands disregarded their consumers in the digital age. That’s why Airbnb disrupted them. You know, you, uh, uber disruptive taxi services, you know, Spotify disrupted music industry, you know? Right. We have so many examples of disruption nowadays, you know, because whoever disregards consumers in the digital age, they go outta business, you know? So, so the market, the market is, is the only one that is going to have the final say. The market is a decision decision maker. Somarket decides what is good and bad. The market decided that Spotify is good, Airbnb is good, Uber is good, Netflix is good, you know, Netflix is good. Yeah.

Nishant Kadian – Got it. Got it. Makes sense. So as an influencer, your day-to-Day life must have, you know, a big space for social media and the word that’s overloaded with information right now. How do you cut through the noise and connect with your audiences, and how can businesses, uh, learn from that and, uh, you know, replicate the same thing for themselves?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Businesses are selfish nowadays. Nishan, you know, they create content that is in their best interest. They are transactional. They are not focused on branding or marketing. They are focused on short-term, ROI sales, you know? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> brands are rarely, uh, respond to, to, uh, to consumers tweets when they are not satisfied. They don’t care. They care about their revenues. They care about hitting targets and maximizing profits. They don’t care about consumers, you know, 

Vladimer Botsvadze – Just imagine that, uh, uh, brands, brands create content that is in their best interest. They tell their consumers, visit our website. We have 20% sales. You know?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Consumers don’t care about content that is in the brand’s best interest. You know, you need to create content. You need to provide valu, you need to show gratitude. You need to show empathy, you know, and you need to bring community together, you know?

Nishant Kadian – Right.

Vladimer Botsvadze – So when , and brand struggle with content creation , you know , because as I mentioned , Nishant , you know , what happens in an internet minute , you know , we are in the streaming economy , you know , 694 million songs streamed in the United States , you know , and , uh , uh , I mean , uh , 44 million , uh , uh , people viewing Facebook live streams every single minute , 44 million people , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Yeah.

Vladimer Botsvadze – And, uh, that’s, uh, uh, two, 2 million, uh, Snapchat created every single minute, you know? And, uh, so, uh, 575,000 people, uh, uh, see new tweets every single minute, right? I mean, because five to, to be more correct, 575,000 tweets sent every single minute, you know? And I mean, uh, this, uh, figures are staggering, you know? I mean, 174,000 applications are downloaded every single meeting.

Nishant Kadian – Yeah. And how do you do that? Like, you are one of the word topmost influencers. So how do you, you know, get your messaging out there, right? And to the right audiences? Well, so any tips for that? Any quick hacks, like, these are the things that you can quickly follow, and this is how your, uh, you know, brand game could improve.

Vladimer Botsvadze – Uh, uh, there are some, uh, uh, elements that, uh, truly drive my success shunt, you know, first is authenticity, you know? Sure. Authenticity, because, um, I mean, I’m sharing genuine thoughts. I’m sharing genuine experiences. I’m sharing genuine emotions, you know. Second is consistent branding. You know, I, I maintain a consistent branding brand image across all my social media platforms. I use same profile picture, same bias, and, uh, a cohesive visual style, you know? Got it. Sothe third is a content strategy. I develop a content strategy that aligns with my target audience, you know, so the force is that respond, because we need to respond to comments. We need to respond to messages, we need to respond to mentions, you know, promptly, promptly. I also host q and A sessions, pause, uh, live streams to foster, to foster a two-way, communication, two-way communication. Can’t we arrest so many brands?

Vladimer Botsvadze – We arrest? We arrest. So many brands have one way communication. I foster two-way communication, you know? So then, uh, collaborations are also part and parcel of my, uh, marketing growth, because, uh, uh, you need to partner with your colleagues, you know? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you need to, uh, have emotional connection with them. You need to, uh, you know, they say that, uh, when, when they scratch your back, you will, you, you should scratch theirs. You know, there are so many people on my journey who helped me, you know, who retweeted me, you know, even billionaire and millionaire entrepreneurs, uh, keynote speakers and investors who started following me. Even I was re retweeted by the Economist, you know, I was retweeted by the Economist Twitter handle in 2014, as I remember, you know, because I, I tagged economist. I created, uh, great content. So economist Twitter account retweeted me.

Vladimer Botsvadze – So, so many people watched my tweet note is my tweet, you know? Yeah. So it was, it is all about curiosity. It’s all about creating content , emotional content , content , informative content , enlightening content , you know , so , so I also believe that your using social media analytics tools to track your performance of your post and un understand what , what works and what does not work , you know , storytelling , storytelling , uh , uh , I , I share my personal stories , experience , you know , also , or , or , uh , I believe that , uh , organic U of A and contest to encourage engagement and attract new followers , you know ? So, uh, when there is a will, there is a way Han, you know, I mean, if you are curious, if you double, uh, uh, I love the quote by Joe Pezo who said that if you double the number of experiments you do per year, you are going to double your inventiveness. You know? So If You push experiments, if you send a trial balloon 

Nishant Kadian – Mm-Hmm, <affirmative>

Vladimer Botsvadze – Then you need to, you need to see what works and what doesn’t work, because, uh, not everything works right, but we need to, uh, uh, create, uh, uh, conduct more experiments. We need to have a beginner’s mindset mission, you know, beginner’s mindset, because many people think that they are the smartest people in the room. They don’t take action. They live in their Ivo towers. They think that, uh, uh, a formal degree top uh, top business school is going to drive their ROI and they go outta business, you know?

Nishant Kadian – Right, right. So, uh, my next question will be around the most interesting topic that we have in the market right now that’s ai. So what you mentioned, uh, right now, like how do you connect it with, uh, emotion ai? Like how does emotion AI help in understanding and addressing the customer needs and for the preferences of social media platforms?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Yes. Uh, great, great question, Han. You know, so AI is the, the most revolutionary technology in the fourth industrial revolution. Han, you know, AI is, uh, a contribution to global GDP will be, or $15.7 trillion by 2030, you know? Mm-Hmm.

Nishant Kadian – <affirmative>.

Vladimer Botsvadze – What is happening? AI is revolutionizing marketing. You know, AI is revolutionizing marketing. I believe that every company should become an AI company in the future. They should bring in a chief AI officer.

Nishant Kadian – Got it.

Vladimer Botsvadze – Help brands stand out, you know? Yeah. So, if, uh, so if organizations that fail to scale ai, they will not be in business in the foreseeable future, because AI is your competitive advantage nowadays.

Nishant Kadian – Right?

Vladimer Botsvadze – So, what is happening first is, uh, uh, sentiment analysis, emotion AI can, uh, analyze the sentiment of customer interactions on social media. It can detect whether customer comments and messages are positive, uh, negative or neutral, you know, second is customer feedback analysis. You know, by analyzing the emotional content of customer feedback, businesses can gain insights into what aspects of their product services or brand resonate positively or negatively, uh, with customers, you know, set this customer content optimization, you know, uh, emotion AI can assist in optimizing content for social media. It can analyze the emotional impact of different types of content. Sothe field is personal personalization, emotion, emotional ai. Emotional AI can be used to personalize customer interaction, you know? Yeah. Uh, I believe that the next is customer engagement. Emotion AI can help businesses determine which types of content or engagement strategies resonate, uh, with their audience. And the last, but not least, emotions, emotions can vary, you know, widely across different cultures and demographics, you know?

Nishant Kadian – Yeah. Got it. Okay. So, uh, moving on to the next question, uh, would be like, uh, how can a brand build a strong connection with the audience? And finally, you know, lead to brand loyalty, loyalty in that sense?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Yeah, it is, the first time is a history of marketing and communications where consumers have a voice, you know, so you need to humanize your brand. You know, you need to connect with their consumers. Like Elon Musk always stays, stays ahead of the game. That’s why Elon directly con connects with the Tesla users, you know, and Brian just also directly con connects with, uh, Airbnb users. You know, okay, your brand is like a fish in the ocean, you know?

Nishant Kadian – Right.

Vladimer Botsvadze – So, how, how does your brand, uh, how, how is your brand is going to stand out in such ocean where there is a keen competition for attention? You know, so <inaudible>. Mm-Hmm, <affirmative>, this device is a game changer. You know, this device, this device is a game changer, right? This device is the reason why this device is the reason why multi-billion dollar startups have been created in the last, in the last decade. Uh, this is a reason why this device has created so many renowned self-made entrepreneurs, influencers who have built million dollar and billion dollar real estate, uh, real estates, uh, startups, you know, uh, different kinds of organizations, startups, you know, from scratch, even they, people arrangement in themselves, because everyone has a voice in this device. Everyone, you know, this device does not care where you come from. What is your background? What is your education? What is your work experience? If you take action here, you will win. You know? SoFacebook, Facebook, LinkedIn, uh, Instagram have become the, the new PPCC. And in Bloomberg, it is a source of information, you know? Soif, uh, if you win attention here, you will win in the long term, you know?

Nishant Kadian – Yeah. Uh, so going ahead in the same direction, like a lot, most of our audiences, uh, you know, are professionals from consumer insights and sales, uh, leadership. So, uh, tips or to, you know, insight for them on how to use ai, should they be scared about it or like how to go about it? How do they see AI as a friend, as in challenge? How, what’s the right way to look?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Well, ai, uh , has , uh , AI has become instrumental , uh , in marketing efforts because AI can generate your content . AI can help you create more emotional content . You know , you can listen to your consumers , you can , uh , listen to your customers , you know , uh , you can , uh , tell your story in a better way . So ai , AI is , uh , our final mega of marketing in 2023 . And , uh , I believe that , uh , uh , I mean , uh , emotional resonance and emotions are powerful driver of engagement , you know , content that evokes strong emotions such as happiness , sadness , surprise , tends to be more memorable , should become the face of their brand and directly communicate with consumers online , on social media in the digital age .

Nishant Kadian – Got it . And , uh , any tips for personal branding in the site ? Uh , you know , consumer insights and sales enablement , how they can utilize personal branding and prevent the , uh , if AI can play a role around it ?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Well , personal branding has become a necessity nowadays in a digital age nation . Now , there are , as , as I mentioned , there are all almost 8.1 billion people in the world , and 4.9 billion social media users , 4.9 billion , you know , so you need to fish where the fish are , right ?

Nishant Kadian – Mm-hmm , <affirmative> .

Vladimer Botsvadze – So , uh , building your personal brand is what sets you apart because you directly communicate with your consumers . You know , you , you not only build your authority , you not only build your credibility , but , uh , social media , uh , is like a Swiss Army knife for businesses nowadays . You , you build your authority , you build your brand , you directly communicate with your consumers . You know , you , you sit in a , you , you are in a catbird seat because , uh , you people trust you . It’s no longer B two B or B two C . It is h to h where human beings want to do business with human beings , not businesses , because we trust our consumer . We trust our friends , we trust our family members . We trust our community , we trust our colleagues . You know , we don’t , we , we know the trust br brand , uh , brand messages , you know , where , because advertising steals our time .

Nishant Kadian – Absolutely . And , uh , how 

Vladimer Botsvadze – So ? As I mentioned , as I mentioned , you know , uh , you need to , everyone should build a personal brand in order to , to stay competitive in the age of AI and automation , even if you are not an entrepreneur , you know , uh , emotions are going to get you hired emotions when you have emotional connection with your followers , you know , when you create con informative content , you know , so Elon Musk communicates with , uh , Tesla’s consumers on Twitter , you know , uh , uh , Brian Ske communicates directly with thousands of , uh , uh , Airbnb’s users on Twitter . You know , that is how these entrepreneurs move forward , improving their product , being in the listening business , telling their stories . Yeah . And ultimately , ultimately becoming market leaders , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Got it . And how do , like , how do I do that ? So let’s say I’m a sales representative , and I have like daily 10 meetings to attend , and I , at the end of the day , might feel like I’m exhausted . I don’t want to go on LinkedIn and post about me . Yeah . I mean , I change that kind of mindset about not just about me or any , uh , 

Vladimer Botsvadze – Because majority Han uh , majority are sales oriented .

Nishant Kadian – Yeah .

Vladimer Botsvadze – When , when they connect with you , they send you sales pitch , I’m selling this , I’m selling z Visit our website , book us . Right ? You know , look , look what , what we are selling , people are tired of sales pitch , you know , people are tired . We need to provide value to our consumers , to our new connections . We need to position ourself as a media company . It is the only guarantee that you will win in the long term , because people will start consuming your information , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Right . And , uh , do you suggest using AI to <crosstalk> ?

Vladimer Botsvadze – And , uh , I mean , you , you , you , you need to , you need to just , you need to just imagine that you are , uh , you are Bloomberg , you are , uh , uh , like a , um , meshable , you are , uh , bbc , CNN like , uh , uh , of your industry . Forbes , just imagine you are Forbes of your industry . So you are supposed to publish informational content , educational content , enlightening content , entertaining content to win their attention . You know , because consumers have a short , a short attention span . You know , you need to win attention within six seconds , five seconds , you know , so your , your message , your message , your blog post , your content , your video , your tweet is supposed to provide value to end users . You know ? So how you are going , because you need to , you must forget that you are in sales business , and you , you need to imagine that , uh , uh , you are in marketing and branding business , branding business like Nike , like Airbnb , like Apple , right ? Because Apple does not sell its product through Google Edwards , right ? Right . Apple does not .

Vladimer Botsvadze – Oh , Nike , Nike , Nike does not sell it’s product through Google . Edwards . They have build their businesses . That’s , that is how they sell their Nike shoes . Because say for example , Nike , amazing brand , you know , amazing , amazing , you know , strategy , Nike’s , Nike’s marketing strategy revolves around inspiration , empowerment , the pursuit of excellence . You know , they are encouraged people to just , to just do it and believe in themselves , you know ? So emotional connection , you know , Nike creates emotionally charged ads featuring athletes , overcoming obstacles , achieving greatness , pushing boundaries , you know ? Yeah . So , uh , these stories resonate with people’s aspirations and inner strengths , you know ? Yeah . What about Nike ? What about Nike ? Apple . Apple , apple has built its brand around the idea of innovation , design , and simplicity . They , they focus on creating products that , uh , enhance people’s lives , making them more connected , creative , and productive . You know , so emotional connection of Apple , think different , you know , this campaign celebrate individuality and creativity . They also use storytelling in their products , product launches , highlighting how their devices can be integral part of personal and professional success , you know?

Vladimer Botsvadze – And , uh , what about , uh , Starbucks positions itself as more than just a coffee shop , you know ? Yeah . It is a place for community connection and relaxation . You know , Airbnb , Airbnb focuses on the , on the idea of belonging and creating unique , personalized travel experiences , you know ? Yeah . That is how these brands help build their brands , because they have been focused on branding and marketing , not on sales , you know ?

Vladimer Botsvadze – So , emotional connections are , uh , alpha and omega of those brands growth , because they think in the long term they are not , uh , uh , for example , uh , I mean , Nike , Nike , I , I , I , I always love to use this example that Nike , CO does not come to our house , no . Knock on our door and ask us , uh , uh , to buy Nike . Right ? Right . No , we buy Nike because of its brand .

Nishant Kadian – Right ?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Right . Yeah . So it is just a great example that Nike is not in sales . They are , Nike has been in branding and marketing business , you know ? Mm-Hmm . <affirmative> . That’s why they build their brand . So ultimately , whether you build a personal brand or even a startup is going to build a huge , uh , business , or even establish brands want to even , uh , uh , strengthen their brands farther . They need to focus on branding . Yeah . Connecting with consumers on an emotional level , you know , 

Nishant Kadian – So , uh , we always talk about such kind of examples where , when it’s already become an Apple or an , or Nike , but if I am a new brand , I am coming up with something and I need to do , you know , market research to find out what should be my , uh , you know , uh , right . Messaging to go out , right way to connect with the audience . So any tip for marketing researchers , so how a new brand could probably find out it’s , you know , what Nike is , just to , it is , or , you know , whatever . And Airbnb have , uh , been able to do that as a new brand . How do I do that ? How do I disrupt the sense of understanding the customers , uh , through marketing researchers’ point of view ?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Well , it is a great question . You know , uh , you know what I see nowadays , you know ? Mm-Hmm . <affirmative> , a majority of people are competitor centric , 

Nishant Kadian – Right.

Vladimer Botsvadze – Boardroom , boardroom centric , not , uh , uh , consumer centric , you know ? Mm-Hmm.

Vladimer Botsvadze – There . The , the , the single reason , the single reason that has put me on the global map is that I have always been consumer-centric or audience-centric . I created content , I connected with consumers on an emotional level , you know ? Yeah . Uh , I cared . I responded , as I mentioned in my previous answer , right . Responding to every message , responding to every , uh , tweet , responding to every , I mean , co every comment , you know , it is very important to show gratitude , to show empathy , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Yeah .

Vladimer Botsvadze – To communicate . So communication dictates what is going on in this world . Tesla is Tesla because of storytelling , communication . Mm-Hmm . <affirmative> , you know , Tesla does not depend on advertising . Tesla does not even have an advertising department . Yeah . Whereas traditional automakers burn cash on advertising and getting nothing in return . And nowadays Tesla has higher market valuation than other automotive brands because of the strong person , strong personal brand of Elon Musk , because he directly communicates with millions of followers on Twitter . It is a communication skill , communicate . If , if entrepreneurs denigrate and belittle communication skills , they should continue living in their ivory towers , you know ? But Elon Musk will continue tweeting and connecting with consumer directly , because every consumer of Tesla is a brand advocate , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Got it . Alright.

Vladimer Botsvadze – So , so , so , uh , in , to , to put in a nutshell , <inaudible> , you know , entrepreneurs need to need to become the face of their brands and directly connect with consumers in a digital age . And to go to forget sales pitch , to go to forget , uh , Google ads , to forget Twitter ads , to , to forget Facebook ads , and , uh , to start creating , uh , emotional contextual content that is in the follower best interest . You know , you need to , you need to imagine that you are Forbes of your industry , and , uh , you are supposed to educate , enlighten your , uh , your audience , you know , your consumers .

Nishant Kadian – Right . It , so coming to the , almost the last section of this podcast , uh , any quick advice or any , you know , one most important advice that you would give to every Sales leader. Are you again , gonna come back and say , uh , the personal branding is gonna be the key most thing.

Vladimer Botsvadze – Yeah , because personal branding , uh , is a necessity in the age of automation and , uh , uh , ai , you know ? Right . It is . I mean , it is your ultimate competitor advantage , ultimate competitive , 

Nishant Kadian – Right . In , uh , 

Vladimer Botsvadze – Elon Musk . Elon Musk worked like hell . Elon said that if other people work 40 hour workweeks and you work a hundred hour workweeks , you know , in four months , you will achieve what it takes for them a a year to achieve , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Oh , yeah . Right .

Vladimer Botsvadze – So there is a method in , um , Elon Musk madness , right ? Mm-Hmm . <affirmative> , because when I tweet this quote on Twitter Yeah . People start complaining , how come , how come you can work like hell ? You know ?

Nishant Kadian – Right . Yeah . So , uh , about you , like , how many hours a 

Vladimer Botsvadze – Week do you work ? So sorry , 

Nishant Kadian – How many hours a week do you work ? Like , what’s your work schedule like ?

Vladimer Botsvadze – What is my la what’s schedule like ?

Nishant Kadian – Yeah . How many hours per week do you work ?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Uh , I work , uh , I work 16 hours a day , you know .

Nishant Kadian – Oh .

Vladimer Botsvadze – The last 10 years . In the last 10 years .

Nishant Kadian – Okay . And do you still continue to do that ?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Well , I’m now 36 . Well , I’m very proud of seeing , uh , this , uh , rock solid results . Mm-Hmm . You know ? Yeah . Even I was uh , I have been given and knowledge panel by Google a few , few weeks ago because I have earned Right . I earned , I earned Jennifer’s trust . I earned Brian’s trust . I , uh , I have earned , uh , Google’s trust . I have earned my followers trust , you know , I have built my thought leadership . I have built my credibility . Right . You know , so seeing , seeing is believing , you know , when people see my passion Yeah . When my content resonates with them . Mm-Hmm . <affirmative> when they connect me on an emotional level Yeah . Emotions get me hired , you know , because I work like hell . And even I was inspired by Elon Musk work ethic , whereas other people was keeping , keeping up with Genesises . I was reinvesting every penny into my growth han every penny . I would rather buy books than go on vacations , you know ? Yeah . Because it is your choice . So your choice , your choice shapes your future , you know ? You’re 

Nishant Kadian – Right . And where can our listeners find you online ?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Uh , Han you know , 

Nishant Kadian – Almost available on every platform that I can see . You are very prompt on emails . You’re available on LinkedIn , Twitter , everywhere . Well , uh , 

Vladimer Botsvadze – I’m , I , uh , you know , Twitter x formerly Twitter Yeah . Uh , is my favorite platform because it , it , it has put me on the global map because , because , uh , people started trusting me because of this network people , uh , built bridges with me because of this network , you know , because people , uh , Putin a Putin a good word for me because of this network , you know ? Yeah . People , it , it’ll , it has been , uh , instrumental in my growth because , uh , I have renewed in myself through Twitter , you know ? Yeah . I have . But , you know , it has had a ripple effect on my growth . And of course , I fired on cylinders across all other social media channels , you know , so people can connect with me on Twitter , it’s lado bot . Uh , they , I’m open to new connections . People can connect with me on LinkedIn . Also , I’m available on Instagram at Vladimer Botsvadze.

Vladimer Botsvadze – They can , like my Facebook page at Vladimir bot . Then , uh , people can , um , uh , read my blog post on Medium , because I have more than , uh , 4,000 followers on , uh , uh , medium . And I regularly , uh , create new blog posts about uni , unique content , unique content <inaudible> , you know ? Right . You , you , you’ll never , you will never or read such a enlightening educational blog post that I have on my medium . You know ? It is , it is , I mean , very enlightening , very original , very creative , very , uh , helpful , helpful for my , uh , global audience . So I provide value . I give a very best advice for free , whereas people charging everyone , every follower for picking their brain , you know ? Yeah . I put my wisdom , I put my wisdom in every medium blog post , in every tweet , in every YouTube video , in every LinkedIn content , you know , because I want to receive emails from others that , that they started consuming my content and , uh , they , uh , great things were happening , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Yeah . So , uh , we’ll add most of your social media channels that you just mentioned in our , uh , you know , post , when we go live with this podcast . Uh , any wrapping up tips that you would like to share ?

Vladimer Botsvadze – Uh , Nisha , you know , it is , uh , uh , a best time in the history of mankind to build your business to stand out . Mm-Hmm . <affirmative> to get her to get noticed , you know ? Yeah . To get discovered , you know , so , uh , keen competition everywhere nowadays for attention King competition , you know ? Yeah . I’m an award judge . Web awards , garner marketing communication awards , you know ? Mm-Hmm . <affirmative> . It is a context war out there . Context war , content , war , storytelling , war , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Yeah .

Vladimer Botsvadze – 8.1 billion people in the world . 5.6 billion , uh , mobile users , 5.2 billion internet users and 4.9 billion social media users . You know , it cost $0 to build a powerful , robust brand through social media . Yeah . Whereas it used to cost a fortune to reach global audiences . 30 years ago , you , you had to pay newspapers , right . Uh , uh , television , uh , tv , uh , TV channels , magazines , billboards , advertising companies to , or , or to advertise your product to advertise your service . It is , it costs free . It is free . Two people realize that social media is free to build your business . Do people realize ?

Nishant Kadian – Right .

Vladimer Botsvadze – They don’t because people think that social media is for like , entertainment , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Yeah , yeah . Totally .

Vladimer Botsvadze – About sharing their self .

Nishant Kadian – Yeah . A lot of people still think that even after . Yeah . So 

Vladimer Botsvadze – We need to start Anisha . We need to start using , uh , and utilizing social media for professional purposes , for driving our business , for spreading the word , uh , for telling our stories , for connecting with our consumers , you know ? Yeah . Solving our , uh , consumers problems through communicating . So communication was one of the , uh , key drivers of Elon Musk growth . Right , 

Nishant Kadian – Right . Absolutely .

Vladimer Botsvadze – So , so , uh , uh , when there is a will , there is a way if , uh , people or have a will , they will find a way to stand out , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Yeah . Got it . So thanks for your time , Mir . I’m sure that we are going to connect with you again , and I think we can , there’s a lot more that we can discuss again in , uh , you know , upcoming episodes of , uh , but for today , uh , that was it . Uh , so thanks a lot , uh , for listening in tuning into our , uh , channel , and we’ll be sharing <inaudible> links and dosings with our post . So we’ll just follow him up and along with that , do remember to subscribers follow us , and if you have any comment to drop in , please drop by . And Asla , we mentioned that we need to be prompt your social media , so we’ll be prompt when , uh , replying to your comments as reply . Thank you guys , and thank you , AMI , have a great day.

Vladimer Botsvadze – Thank you , Isha . I wish you all the best , my friend . I wish your listeners all the best . I hope they will capitalize , uh , social media to street the world , to tell their stories , and to connect with their consumers in the digital age , you know ?

Nishant Kadian – Amen to that. Thank you.

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