A Guide to Eye Tracking

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A Guide to Eye Tracking

Current version: 2.0
Updated on 29 Nov 2023

Eye tracking uses the movement and gestures of eyes to understand emotions with artificial intelligence. thelightbulb.ai uses eye coding along with other technologies, such as facial, speech transcription, voice tonality, surveys, and text sentiments to enable consumer insights solutions.

thelightbulb.ai relies on computer vision to glean insights from digital images and videos. It revolves around creating algorithms that emulate human perception. A pivotal application is eye tracking, a specialized field dedicated to extracting meaningful insights from visual data, particularly eye movement and behavior. This technology involves developing algorithms that decipher ocular data, mirroring human visual perception.

Eye tracking transforms eye movements into data streams, capturing information like pupil position. By decoding eye movements, it provides valuable insights applicable across various domains. Gaze tracking, a critical application, precisely identifies and traces a person’s gaze in images or videos, offering valuable data for usability studies, human-computer interaction, neuromarketing, and assistive technologies.

Our “Computer Vision” based Eye Tracking technology—simply utilize a standard webcam to precisely monitor gaze direction and duration. Enhanced by AI and Machine Learning, our system adeptly traces eye movements, specifically the iris and pupil, within the visible light spectrum, eliminating the need for specialized cameras or infrared setups.

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