Is my data secure with Thelightbulb?

Is My Data Secure with Thelightbulb Ebook
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Is my data secure with Thelightbulb?

Thelightbulb offers video-first emotion aware SaaS products for consumer insights and sales enablement. These products need machine-based data processing to deliver accurate and reliable results. At every stage of data processing, Thelightbulb ensures a stringent protection to keep your data secure.

At Thelightbulb, we embrace the data security and privacy into every facet of our products. By incorporating robust encryption protocols, stringent access controls, regular security assessments, and transparent data policies, our products take provide utmost protection to your data.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the safeguarding of user data stands as a paramount concern for individuals and businesses alike. As the exchange of sensitive information becomes increasingly integral to our sales enablement and consumer insights products, the assurance of data security remains a critical factor in engendering user trust. Demonstrating unwavering commitment in this realm, Thelightbulb’s data security practices are compliant to the leading industry standards.

In this document, we list the compliances that Thelightbulb adheres to: SOC-2, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27701.

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