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Introducing Insights Pro

Leverage the power of emotion ai for your market research projects

Qualitative research
Quantitative research

The technologies that power Insights Pro

Facial coding
Eye tracking
Speech transcription
Text sentiment
Audio tonality

Emotion Ai for Qualitative research projects


Facial coding

Detect emotion & engagement levels while
interviewing your respondents in an online focus
group or direct interview. Get alerts on live video
calls or analyze pre-recorded meetings.

Speech transcription

Reduce admin work & focus on interactions &
insights as speech transcription and note-taking
gets done automatically, reducing heavy lifting on
detailed conversations

Text Sentiment analysis

Transcribe speech to text & mine for sentiment to
unearth hidden preferences or dislikes. Identify filler
words to note coherency & high-frequency
keywords to draw associations

Audio tonality

Examine pitch, pace, intonation and speed to glean
emotion insights embedded in the voice tonality of
your respondents. Irrespective of language,
understand intent and sentiment


Ask explicit questions related to sample’s experience using rating scales, multiple choice questions and open-ended questions

Emotion Ai for Quantitative research projects


Facial coding

Monitor emotion, engagement &
attention levels of respondents as they
watch your ad, content or experience
your product


Track eye-gaze to understand attention,
heatmaps and areas of interest for your
product ux, ad creative or
content experience


Marry emotion & eye-tracking data with
stated responses using MCQs, rating
scales or open-ended questions

What Makes Insights Pro Your Must-have
Research Tool

Gives Unstated Responses

Stop struggling to separate actual preferences from
stated responses biased by inhibitions. Leverage
insights from unguarded expressions, tone of voice
and choice of words.

Provides Speedy Turnaround

Speed is money, especially when businesses are
launching new product, advertising or content
experiences. Spend days instead of weeks to get
data-backed insights from global panels.

Reduces Costs

Technology is an enabler & brings down the cost of
doing business substantially. Emotion Ai provides
data-driven results at up to 1/10th the cost of a
traditional research project.

Reduces Manual Effort

Stop making notes during qualitative sessions &
focus instead on your respondents. Speech
transcription & text sentiment analysis take away
the heavy lifting from your projects.

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