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iMotions vs Insights Pro: Which One is the Right Tools for You?

They say data has all the answers you need if you have the right tools at your disposal, and we couldn’t agree more. Organisations have been manifesting the power of data for decades now, with businesses thriving on consumer insights extracted using advanced business intelligence tools. But something has been missing from the equation for far too long and that too without people noticing. You see, most people are notoriously dishonest when it comes to revealing their preferences, especially when they’re outside of their natural environment. That’s what emotion AI solves in the realm of market research and business intelligence with tools like iMotion and Insights Pro.

iMotion and Insights Pro are advanced market research tools that use tools like FACS, eye tracking, voice transcription, text sentiment analysis, and tonal analysis to extract hidden emotional insights from data. Both these tools are extremely popular in market research circles owing to their versatile feature set and use cases. But what if you had to choose just one? 

Today, we’re going to answer that with our multifaceted comparison of both these tools across various parameters like pricing, utility, accessibility and use interface, learning curve, and onboarding experience. But before we dive into the meat of the article, let’s get acquainted with the tools in question.

About iMotions and Insights Pro

iMotions is a company that specialises in human behaviour analytics software that has recently ventured into browser and cloud based emotional analytics platforms. It is essentially a core codebase upon which various biosensors and their corresponding modules can be integrated to perform varied functions. The modular design allows it to be very versatile in terms of the use cases it offers. When it comes to market research, iMotion’s offerings include neuromarketing, intelligent consumer insights, ad testing, user testing, UI/UX testing, and surveys.

Insights Pro, on the other hand, is the only market research on the market right now that makes use of emotion AI to enhance the quality of user insights and drive better decisions for businesses. Users can create custom surveys and tests, invite contributors for testing, and access intelligent insights from the central dashboard. One of the standout features of this tool is its ability to analyse both pre-recorded sessions and live interactions.

Insights Pro’s core offerings include creative testing, UI/UX testing, user journey testing, 1-on-1 direct interviews, and live online focus groups.

Insights Pro vs iMotions: Which One Should You Pick?

There is no real answer to this question. You should pick the tool that is the best fit for your needs. Our goal with this comparison is to put the facts before you, so that you have enough data to make the right decision. We will compare these tools on 5 key parameters namely pricing, utility, accessibility and use interface, learning curve, and Offerings.


The key utilities offered by iMotions are as follows:

  1. Measuring Psychological and Neural Signals- As a business you can use any pre-recorded session to extract emotional insights and merge them with existing insight to make them richer and more accurate. With AI tools like emotional recognition, eye tracking, speech and tonal analysis, any piece of recorded media can be turned into a pool of emotional insights.
  2. Garnering Crucial Customer Feedback- iMotions has a native customer community that you can leverage to gain real-time user insights with surveys. This is very helpful for product teams looking to validate their prototypes or make changes to the UI/UX for better customer satisfaction.
  3. UI/UX Testing- Businesses can use recorded interactions between products and users to identify areas that elicit negative emotions and remove them from the UI to make the overall experience pleasant for users.
  4. Creative Testing- iMotion’s native emotional analytics integrations can help businesses A/B test their creatives and optimise them for greater conversions by identifying emotional triggers in their creatives and amplifying them.
  5. Survey Design and Integration- The built in iMotions survey tool offers a flexible base to design questionnaires with images, likert scales, text/numerical inputs, and multiple choice questions(MCQs).
The key utilities offered by Insights Pro are as follows-
  1. User Feedback Collection– Insights Pro also allows businesses to collect user feedback, the only difference is that it does not have a native contributor base and you have the flexibility to pick your own contributors.
  2. Cross-Functional Integration- Insights Pro acts as a unified platform for all research-related activities, centralising data collecting, analysis, and reporting through the dedicated dashboard, making it a perfect place for different teams to collaborate with each other.
  3. UI/UX Testing- With features like custom surveys and one-on-one interviews, Insights Pro is the perfect place to test new or existing UI/UX elements. With emotion AI, businesses can instantly identify areas that cause negative emotions and change them to make the overall experience pleasant for users.
  4. Creative Testing- Creative testing is one of the core utilities of Insights Pro as it allows users to test creatives in real time and identify areas that resonate well with the audience along with those that don’t. This helps businesses in building high-converting creatives that are optimised for maximum CTR.
  5. Prototype and Usability Testing- Insights Pro has all the tools and widgets required to test prototypes and verify usability of newly developed digital products.
  6. Emotion AI Integration- With Insights Pro, businesses can integrate emotional insights into their decision making and make changes based on what the consumer actually feels and how they react to different UI/UX elements.

Accessibility and UI

When we talk about the accessibility of a tool, we think about the ease with which we can perform a preferred task and generate the expected output while also looking at the barriers.

iMotions offers a plethora of integrations thanks to its modular design, which makes it a great tool for performing functions like UI/UX testing, user feedback generation, surveys, user journey testing, and creative testing. However, people with less technical know-how of market research may find the tool difficult to navigate, since the UI is more suited for people with more technical expertise. 

Insights Pro on the other hand has a simple and easy to use UI that you can quickly adapt to and get things done quicker. Not to mention Insights Pro also supports one-on-one live interviews that makes it more suited for market research projects. With iMotions, you are only allowed to analyse pre-recorded sessions.

Learning Curve

As we already mentioned, you might find iMotions a little difficult to navigate if you don’t have the technical expertise in market research. However, the onboarding experience will surely help you once you sign up for their paid plan. The customer support with iMotions is average as customers have raised complaints about their queries being unheard every now and then. So as far as the learning curve goes, it’s a little steep at first and may act as a barrier to entry for regular users. But once you get used to the platform, it’s a great tool for market research.

Insights Pro has a much smoother learning curve thanks to its beginner friendly and intuitive UI coupled with a dedicated onboarding team. Insights Pro has a custom onboarding flow for each user based on their needs and use cases, and the team stays in touch way beyond the onboarding phase to help you with any queries that you might have regarding the tools and its features.


The core offerings of iMotions include-
  • Surveys- Custom survey builder
  • UI/UX Testing
  • Creative Testing
  • User experience testing- Usability testing, brand and messaging testing
Insights Pro offers all the same use cases and then some more-
  • Creative testing using facial coding
  • UI/UX testing
  • User journey testing
  • Creative testing
  • Surveys
  • 1-on-1 direct interviews
  • Live online focus groups

For iMotions the base plan starts at €10,000/year and then you pay for every outsources module you run on the base plan. For instance, iMotions uses Assembly AI’s algorithm for speech-to-text and speech analysis features. So in order to access this feature on the iMotions software, you need to purchase the unique API licence key from Assembly AI.

Insights Pro, on the other hand, offers custom plans based on your needs. Moreover, there are separate tools for qualitative and quantitative research, so you can save a ton of money by only paying for what you’re actually going to use. This is one of the best features of Insights Pro and it is the only tool in the market that currently offers this. You can request pricing here.


When weighing iMotions against Insights Pro, consider your specific needs and priorities. While both tools offer robust use cases and powerful widgets for market research projects, they vary in accessibility, learning curve, and pricing. iMotions boasts versatile functionality but may pose challenges for less technical users. Insights Pro, with its intuitive interface and customizable plans, provides a user-friendly platform for market research. Ultimately, your decision should align with your organisation’s goals and proficiency in market research.

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