Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Measure customer intent & behavior
with real-time emotion ai


Faces scanned globally


VM Pro: Empowering sales reps & leadership

How ai-based sales enablement tool works


Calendar Integration and Permissions

  • Seamlessly integrate your Outlook or Gmail calendar with VM Pro in just one click.
  • Provide necessary permissions for VM Pro to join, record, transcribe, and analyze your meetings.


Automated Meeting Support

  • VM Pro takes charge of administrative tasks by auto-joining meetings, recording, transcribing, and providing valuable emotion and engagement feedback in real-time.


Insights, Alerts, and Collaboration

  • Receive immediate alerts for emotion and engagement, with the ability to customize the type and frequency.
  • Gain in-depth post-meeting analysis utilizing Facial Coding and Conversational AI technology.
  • Collaborate, share insights, and learn from experienced senior sales resources to enhance your skills and performance.

Top benefits

For Sales People
For sales reps
Offload admin tasks like taking notes or recording meetings
Get real-time alerts on participant emotion & engagement levels
Get detailed insights post-meeting on sales performance, meeting sentiment, action items, tasks, questions, etc
Share sound-bites with supervisors to get feedback or drive escalations
Track account activity & forecast with a meeting-by-meeting status
For Sales Leadership
For sales leadership
Get detailed insights into every online sales conversation for every sales rep
Review meeting recordings & transcripts to get insights to improve performance
Share sound-bites, best practices and encourage knowledge sharing within team
Track account progress for accurate revenue forecasting
Identity deals that need intervention before they are lost
Enable knowledge transfer during attrition

Top use cases

Product demos
customer Success-min
Customer success
Renewal Discount-min
Renewal discussions

Video-first emotion aware SaaS to solve your sales performance

Ai-based sales enablement tool by is at the forefront of innovation with our cutting-edge AI-Based Sales Enablement Tool. We’ve harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way sales teams operate, enhancing efficiency and driving growth.


Supporting your sales journey

Our AI-Based Sales Enablement Tool is designed to support and empower your sales journey. We understand the unique challenges sales teams face, from meeting targets to navigating the complexities of a competitive market. is here to provide the tools and insights you need for success

Convenient AI-Enhanced Sales Enablement

Accessing AI-driven sales enablement has never been easier. With the app, you can tap into the power of AI with just a few clicks. Our AI tool is readily available, offering you professional guidance and recommendations at your convenience.


Empowering through ai-based sales insights

Empower your sales strategy with AI-based insights that drive results.’s AI tool provides real-time recommendations and data-driven insights, giving you the competitive edge you need to close more deals and boost your sales performance.

Specialized ai support for sales teams

We understand that each sales team is unique, facing its own set of challenges. That’s why our AI-Based Sales Enablement Tool offers specialized support. Our AI specialists are equipped to assist your team in overcoming obstacles and achieving success in a rapidly changing market.


Flexible ai-enhanced sales enablement

Flexibility is a cornerstone of our AI tool. We recognize the importance of adapting to your schedule. Whether you need support in the early morning or late at night,’s AI tool is ready to provide assistance when it’s most convenient for you.

Ai-powered insights for sales success

Unlock the power of AI for sales success.’s AI tool offers powerful insights and strategies based on data analysis. Stay ahead of the competition and watch your sales performance soar with AI as your ally. In today’s fast-paced sales environment, it’s crucial to stay ahead.’s AI-Based Sales Enablement Tool is your partner for success, offering convenience, insights, and flexibility to drive your sales journey forward.


Key technologies that power
sales enablement

Meeting bot
Give your sales people their very own personal meeting assistant that auto-joins meetings, records and transcribes meeting notes & provides detailed meeting insights & metrics
Facial coding
VM Pro deploys the latest in facial & emotion recognition technology to identify the facial expressions of meeting participants to monitor emotion & engagement levels to give sales people real-time alerts during sales pitche
Speech transcription
Get auto-transcription of online conversations as they happen, saving your sales people the task of taking meeting notes, leaving them free to concentrate on building rapport & focusing on the sales interaction. Available only for English conversations.
Text sentiments
VM Pro maps the sentiment behind every line of conversation to give your sales people a sense on how positive or negative the conversations were. Additionally identify tasks, metrics, questions, keywords for deeper meeting insights
Audio tonality
Map the emotion behind the statements with audio tonality for all vocal utterances. Listen not just to what is being said but also how its being said.
Survey research
Efficient way to plan and build surveys that help you understand the consumer better and empower your research projects.

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