[Case Study] Ajio & Myntra: Understanding online shopping experiences

[Case Study] Ajio & Myntra: Understanding online shopping experiences

Disclaimer: This Emotion AI Study has been performed as an Internal Case Study on publicly available material, websites, content, etc. that are open to public use or are present on public platforms to showcase the Company’s emotion ai technology. This study has been performed by internal respondents or company employees with explicit consent taken and in no way, shape or form reflects the preferences of actual customers and is meant for illustrative purposes only. For any further information or clarifications, please write to sales@thelightbulb.ai

About Myntra & Ajio

Both Myntra and Ajio are prominent fashion e-commerce platforms based in India.

Recognized for its extensive collection of high-quality fashion and lifestyle products, Myntra is a subsidiary of Flipkart, one of India’s largest e-commerce companies. Its product range spans clothing, branded footwear, bags, backpacks, beauty and personal care items, as well as home and living accessories. The platform collaborates with global brands, providing a diverse selection to its customer base. 

Ajio is Myntra’s close competitor offering over 800,000 styles from 3,500+ brands. Based in Bangalore, it is owned and controlled by the Reliance group. The brand offers a diverse range of products for men, women, and kids and is a popular choice for online shoppers in India. 

One of the reasons why people love Myntra and Ajio when it comes to online fashion is because of their intuitive UI. 

Recognizing the impact of UI in understanding online shopping experiences. TheLightbulb.ai conducted a nuanced case study to capture the user journey and understand customer pain points with advanced emotional analytics.

Case Study Objective

This particular case study had three distinct objectives:

  1. Capturing the user journey from “Viewing a product’ to ‘ATC’ (Add To Cart)
  2. Identifying the delighters and pain points of customers while browsing the Ajio and Myntra app
  3. Understanding the delighters & pain-points w.r.t to navigation for customer service in Myntra & Ajio 

We achieved this by:

  • Analysing different action points using the Insights Pro’s facial coding and eye tracking tools for evaluating the participant’s response on these action points.
  • Measuring the audience’s emotional responses like happiness, surprise, anger, fear, and disgust towards different action points in the online purchase journey.
  • Identifying which parts of the app attract the most attention from the respondents using eye-tracking technology. ​
  • Measuring the overall impact of different action points throughout the customer journey on the overall shopping experience.

Process of Case Study

The respondent sample had 10 participants (both male and female) between the age of 20 and 35 years with a keen interest in online shopping. They were given sample tasks and the implementation of these tasks was closely monitored using Lightbulb’s flagship emotional analytics platform, Insights Pro. Followed by a detailed one-on-one 10 minute qualitative interview to better understand user pain points and delighters.

This case study offers deep insights into how customers react to different action points and how these action points influence the online purchasing experience.

The respondents were given the following tasks-

Ajio Purchase Journey

The Ajio purchase journey pertaining to task 1 can be summarised in 3 simple steps-

Step-1: Typing the related keywords in the search bar to access a list of relevant products. Most people entered the brand name followed by the product into the search bar (Puma Women Sneakers).

Step-2: Using filters to parse through multiple options and narrow the list down. The insights revealed that while women use a wider set of filters for a more diverse list, men simply enter the exact price range into the filters for a more targeted search.

Step-3: The final step involves browsing through the filtered list to locate the desired product and then place an order. Insights revealed that pop ups while browsing can be annoying for most users.

Delight and Pain Points

A look at the emotional insights revealed the following delight and pain points.

The insights also revealed that a diverse variety along with options to access recently viewed products made the overall purchase experience more exciting and delightful, easing the product selection process.

However, pop ups during the browning sessions triggered dislike and scepticism.

The Customer Support Experience

Respondents found the customer support panel easy to locate, intuitive with more options, and highly accessible with calls available till midnight.

Myntra Purchase Journey

The purchase journey at Myntra had similar steps to the one at Ajio’s.

Step-1– Entering the keywords in the search bar. Insights revealed a similar pattern where respondents entered the brand name along with the product to access a list of related products.

Step-2– Using filters to narrow down the list. A closer look at the emotional insights revealed that the respondents appreciated the price sliders over regular boxes.

Step-3– Browsing the filtered list to locate the exact product for purchase. Insights revealed that a pop-up free browsing experience is more appreciated by the respondents.

Delight and Pain Points

A look at the emotional insights revealed the following delight and pain points.

A closer look at the insights revealed that discount coupons during checkout added excitement and surprise to the shopping experience.

Insights also revealed that the help center is difficult to locate.


The Customer Support Experience

Respondents found the customer support section difficult to locate and less satisfactory with fewer queries to work with from the onset. The chat section was a good addition to the customer support journey.

Comparing Myntra and Ajio

Based on the emotional insights and the feedback from the one-on-one interviews, Myntra appears to offer a more delightful online shopping experience owing to the better filters, higher search bar efficiency, and more options in terms of options and price.


In summary, the case study reveals that Myntra excels in user-friendly navigation, efficient search results, and filter usability. However, challenges in locating customer care services persist. Ajio, while diverse, faces perception issues with higher-priced products and intrusive ads. To enhance trust and loyalty, Myntra should refine customer care service placement. These insights emphasise the importance of user-centric improvements for online shopping platforms.

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