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Top Sales Enablement Technologies to Watch Out for in 2023

Is your sales team struggling with closing more deals?

If yes.

Then the root cause may be the obsolete sales enablement strategies they employ.

In today’s business landscape, merely training your sales reps with product information is no longer enough to help them close more deals.

Instead, equip them with advanced sales enablement technologies which enables them to evaluate the problem themselves and bring a solution faster. This not only reduces ramp time for new sales reps but also increases the win rate of your sales pipeline.

However, there are so many sales enablement tools in the market, that it is quite a tricky task to pick the right one for your sales team.

The goal of this comprehensive list of top sales enablement technologies is to facilitate a smoother experience for your sales reps and a better closure ratio for your business.

Why are Sales Enablement Technologies Important?

Sales enablement plays a pivotal role in facilitating better use of resources across all areas of the business and aligning them for the benefit of the sales and marketing teams.

No matter how well other areas of your business are performing, if your sales reps are struggling to move prospects through the sales pipeline. Poof…. there goes a chunk of revenue that could have been yours.

Here are some key benefits of implementing sales enablement strategies:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Sales enablement streamlines communication between sales and marketing teams. Providing a centralised platform for communication and content sharing, it facilitates both teams to work in harmony towards common goals. For instance, marketing teams can create targeted content that addresses specific pain points of potential customers, while sales reps can provide valuable insights from the field to inform marketing strategies.
  • Improved Sales Efficiency: Sales enablement technologies automate time-consuming manual tasks, enabling sales representatives to focus on their core responsibilities. By leveraging technologies like CRM software, salespeople can streamline their lead management, track customer interactions, and access real-time data, thus increasing their efficiency and productivity.
  • Personalised Customer Engagement: When it comes to delivering personalised experiences to prospects and customers, emotional AI-powered sales enablement tools are the best pick. Using facial expressions, eye tracking, voice transcript, and audio tonality, they provide detailed analysis of customer emotions, and sales reps can use that to tailor their conversations according to their clients to better address their pain points. This level of personalisation enhances customer engagement and builds trust, ultimately leading to increased conversions.
  • Data-driven Insights: These tools gather valuable data and analytics, giving sales leaders actionable insights into their team’s performance. By analysing metrics such as conversion rates, sale cycles, and win rates, managers can identify areas for improvement, optimise sales strategies, and make informed decisions to drive better results.
  • Consistent Training and Development: In an ever-evolving market, the sales team needs to be updated about new technologies with continuous training. By utilising learning management tools, organisations can create customised training modules to ensure that all team members are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed.

6 Sales Enablement Technologies

Now that we understand the importance of sales enablement, let’s explore six key technologies that have the potential to revolutionise your sales process:

1. CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offers you a central hub to track customer data and spot opportunities and risks in the pipeline. The software automates the flow of your customer data and connects it to other enablement tools. This software also allows you to embed revenue goals for your sales team, about which you get a comprehensive report of their performance in its dashboards, facilitating streamlined management.

However, one of the most important things to keep in mind while selecting your CRM software is that it should integrate with your other sales enablement tools. As in many homegrown CRM or lesser-known CRM, sometimes compatibility issues come with other tools.

2. Emotion AI Tools

Selling gets easier once your sales reps tap into consumers’ emotional intent. Emotion AI tools like VM Pro from Lightbulb, generate emotional insights using facial expressions, eye tracking, voice transcript, audio tonality, etc.

This helps sales reps better understand their prospects’ emotional responses during conversations, allowing them to adapt their approach and be more specific hitting the major pain points in the first interaction itself. These real-time insights and recommendations based on facial expression and voice analysis, help sales reps build trust and improve the sales win rate.

3. Sales Intelligence Tools

In sales every touchpoint matters, the more data and insights sales teams have, the better they understand the prospect’s need and hence the better their approach is. This is where sales intelligence tools help them.

Sales intelligence tools are more useful for B2B SaaS companies as they offer useful data by collecting information from various sources, such as social media, news articles, and company databases, giving your sales team an upper hand by uncovering insights about a prospect’s business so they can cater their outreach to their specific needs.

Utilising this tool helps businesses optimise and get the most out of their outreach efforts.

4. Call Coaching Tools

A call recording and coaching tool enables executives to find coachable moments in sales conversations that they can use for training. These tools typically record and transcribe sales conversations, allowing sales managers to review and provide feedback on sales calls, helping reps to improve their performance and refine their sales techniques.

Besides this call coaching tools also facilitates tracking of particular keywords, helping sales reps to highlight product-specific times during the conversation. For instance, the sales manager sets a sales enablement milestone of making 10 sales calls that mention new product bundles, this tool will help the manager keep track of that in real-time.

5. Communications or Engagement Platform

A communication platform is a must-have tool for any sales team that doesn’t rely on door-to-door interactions. A phone system, cloud contact centre platform, or a power dialer is crucial for allowing salespeople to effectively reach out and engage with potential customers.

A suitable communication platform offers multiple channels of communication from phone calls to video conferencing to SMS/MMS messaging, allowing sales reps to connect using their preferred method. Additionally, it should also integrate with CRMs to automatically log all those activities and streamline reps’ workflows. This ensures that less time is spent on data entry, and the focus remains on closing deals.

6. Learning management tools

Educating your sales reps about new products, market conditions, and ways of selling, plays a vital role in the success of your sales pipeline. Learning management tools facilitate the creation of training modules or courses for the sales team to keep up with market competition.

Such tools also allow organisations to develop interactive training modules, track progress, and assess the effectiveness of training programs. The inclusion of certifications and interactive elements like gamification (mimicking a video game) makes these modules engaging and appealing to sales reps.

What makes Virtual Meetings Pro your must-have sales enablement tool?

Thetightbulb with its emotion AI-powered technology aims to help businesses build sales processes that sell smarter.

Virtual Meeting is a sales enablement tool that offers cutting-edge emotion AI technology utilising facial expressions, eye tracking, voice transcript, and audio tonality with your video sales calls.

This sales enablement tool is made to assist not just sales reps, but also sales operations teams as well as sales leadership teams. From sales coaching to deal-tracking and forecasting to knowledge transfer, VM Pro is easy-to-use with multiple use cases.

Let’s have a look at these use cases one at a time:

Virtual Assistants for Sales Reps

Free up your sales reps from note-taking, minutes preparation & routine admin tasks. VM Pro acts as a virtual meeting assistant for every sales rep that auto-joins meetings, transcribes and records calls and provides detailed meeting insights.

Get Pre-recorded Meeting Insights

VM Pro facilitates using emotion AI in previously held meetings as well. Simply upload meeting recordings to get detailed conversational & visual insights into the emotion & engagement levels of potential customers.

Get Live Engagement Insights

VM Pro helps the sales team to understand the emotion behind the words with real-time alerts based on facial emotion coding. Post-meeting, the insights provided can be evaluated to get product feedback or areas of concern, which can be worked upon in subsequent meetings.

Get Conversational Insights

Sales managers can get conversation insights for every meeting from each sales rep’s account. The platform also allows them to assess deal progress based on customer engagement and happiness.

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